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Invaluable Reasons To Choose Fresh Decks!

Paul LaFrance Recommended Builder

1 Our workmanship and service has been recognized – big time. We are Regina’s ONLY Paul LaFrance Recommended Builder. If the host of HGTV’s popular TV shows “Decked Out”, “Disaster Decks”, and “Custom Built” is willing to put his name on our work – you know you can feel safe doing the same. Oh – and if you want Paul to design your deck, we can arrange that.

Competitive Pricing

2 If you’re looking for the lowest, cheapest possible price – you won’t find that here. Because there will always be someone who’s willing to cut corners everywhere they can to try and win the bid. However, we will provide EXTREMELY competitive pricing on QUALITY, properly built, safe decks. This is not the type of project where you want the guy who can build it the cheapest. Safety and quality will always be compromised. Don’t.


3 Shane Chapman, company owner, has been building decks since 2001. Each Fresh Decks employee has been taught proper techniques, safety, and responsibility. There’s only so much the “How to Build a Deck” books can teach you…the rest comes from years of experience with the products and how they react in our extreme climate.

Insured and Bonded

4 Fresh Decks carries $2 million in liability insurances. In addition, our company is bonded which protects you from any damages or theft. Our hiring standards ensure trustworthy and careful employees. But it’s never bad to have extra protection for our customers.

3-Year Workmanship Warranty

5 Whoa…WHAT??? Yes, you read that right. We are willing to stand behind our work so much, we provide an INDUSTRY LEADING WARRANTY. Most other companies MAY provide a 12 month or in very limited cases, a 24 month warranty. Many do not provide a warranty at all! In addition, many of the products we use come with 20 and 25-year warranties, and some with LIFETIME warranties!

3D Deck Design

6 It’s not always easy to visualize what your project might look like from a sketch on a piece of paper. Thankfully, Fresh Decks can help by designing a 3D visual respresentation of how your deck will look, and how it interacts with your house, yard, and other structures in your yard. How VERY convenient!


7 Unfortunately, the news media and internet is full of stories about “deck collapses.” Go ahead, Google it. The fact is, an improperly build deck is dangerous – and you are liable for all of your guests who are enjoying your new deck. We make sure it’s build safe based on meeting or exceeding building codes and best practices learned through our continuous education and experience.


8 To some, building decks is a job. To others, it’s a case of beer. So how much love and detail are those folks putting into your deck? For Fresh Decks, decks and outdoor spaces are a passion. And we want you to enjoy your new space as much as we enjoyed building it!


9 We aren’t a “jack-of-all-trades, master of none” type shop. We are Masters of Decks and Backyards. This means we are always on top of the latest building techniques, designs, and products.

We’re Not Going Anywhere

10 What good is a warranty if Mr. Kijiji Deck Builder disappears after your project? Fresh Decks has been arround since 2012 and is backed by Fresh Construction Ltd. Regina is growing, and so are we. We’re proud to be from here, and we’re sticking around!

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