Top 5 Reasons to Choose Composite Decking

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You live in Regina, or at least Saskatchewan, and you want to build a deck. So many things to consider! Weather, budget, resale value, size, shape, function, colour…the list really does go on and on. One of the biggest decisions is what type of decking to choose? The most common are pressure treated lumber, cedar, composite, capped composite, hardwoods, and many others. But one of the most popular are composite decking and capped composite decking. Here’s FIVE reasons why composite decking is a GREAT choice for your deck!

1 – Low Maintenance

Let’s be honest, as excited as we might be for our brand new deck, in a couple years – sanding and staining your wood deck is going to become a chore that you’re not going to enjoy. It costs money, it’s labour intensive, and it takes time. And if you don’t do it, your deck gets dirty, unsightly, and starts to age fast.

OR, you install a nice brand new Trex or Fiberon deck and aside from the odd rinse (a low pressure pressure washer or garden hose will do), it keeps looking great year after year, with little effort! When it comes to low-maintenance, composites are hard to beat!

2 – Longevity

Almost all brands of composites come with exceptional warranties. Trex and Fiberon warranty for 25 years! And they will keep looking great years down the road.

3 – Resale/Home Value

Studies show that adding a deck to your home increases your homes value, by about 80% of the project cost. So if you build a $10,000 deck, you’re going to get $8000 of that back when you sell your home. But that value decreases over time if the deck begins to show age. Unfortunately, a pressure treated deck that has not been maintain will lose almost all of it’s value in 5-7 years. Composite decks retain their value 4-3 times longer due to the points above. With little maintenance, they last a long time.

4 – Colours

There are many species of wood that look great, and a variety of stains to choose from. But composites offer a beautiful array of options to not only match nature (like wood) but also to match your house colour palette. With composites, you can continue your colour pallete from the exterior, and even interior, of your home. Grey’s have been very popular in recent years!

5 – Clean Look & Hidden Fasteners

While there are hidden fastener options that may work with wood decks, composite options install easier and generally look better! Installing hidden fasteners keeps that beautiful colour and grain pattern looking stunning and unmarred. No bumps. No splinters. No ugly screw holes.

Composites have become the most popular option in decking in Regina, SK for a reason. And while this list could certainly go on, the above five are a great few as to why composite decking is a great choice for your new deck.

If you have more questions about decking options, or would like to book a consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We LOVE chatting about this stuff!

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